Sunflower Riot Embroidery Kit
Sunflower Riot Embroidery Kit
Sunflower Riot Embroidery Kit
Sunflower Riot Embroidery Kit
Sunflower Riot Embroidery Kit
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Sunflower Riot Embroidery Kit

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Nothing says summer like sunflowers. I remember seeing my first garden of sunflowers and standing with my head tipped way back in awe. Their heads are so giant! I wanted to take them home with me but the bees had first dibs. Now you can give yourself the gift of a giant bouquet of these flowers. There's no gardening or watering required!

Worried that this floral embroidery kit looks too complicated? Don’t worry. These sunflowers use lots and lots of the split stitch, which is one of the four basic stitches. It looks difficult but it's really just a matter of time, not intricacy. I’ve had many customers stitch this floral bouquet as their first project.
Curious what's inside? 
Your Sunflower Riot embroidery kit includes: 
  • Embroidery needle 
  • Embroidery floss 
  • Cotton fabric printed with the pattern 
  • 8" embroidery hoop 
  • A stitch guide 
  • Simple instructions on how to finish the piece 
Skill Level: Intermediate
The finished piece measures 8" in diameter. Your embroidery kit's contents come sealed in a clear bag and will be mailed in a padded envelope to ensure its safe arrival. The last photo above illustrates the packaging.
Want to see a video of what's inside the kit? I have one HERE.
Here's what our customers have to say: 
“Love, love, love it! My first shot at embroidery... The instructions were easy to follow and the videos on how to do stitches were perfect!” - Katie
“Very beautiful pattern!! I can't wait to work on it.” - Jessica

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