Party Animal PDF Embroidery Pattern

Party Animal PDF Embroidery Pattern
This PDF pattern lets you turn any pillow into a party animal pillow!
Squirrels don’t just store up nuts all year long so that they can lounge around during the winter months. They turn into party animals once the snow flies! Paper party hats and tiny maracas are a must at any squirrel gathering.
You can print out the pattern and transfer it the fabric of your choice by tracing with a sunny window, tracing with carbon paper, or transferring with a transfer pen and a hot iron. Not completely sure how to do that? Don't worry, the PDF comes with directions. Once the design is on your fabric, you simply stitch over the lines.
Your "Party Animal" PDF pattern includes:
  • A picture of the finished piece
  • A colored stitch guide
  • An easy-to-trace pattern for tracing at a sunny window or with carbon paper
  • A reversed iron-on transfer pattern for a transfer pen and hot iron
The pattern measures 8" across and will fit nicely in an 8" hoop.
Your PDF pattern will arrive in your inbox immediately after purchase and you can then print it out and start sewing!
**Want to make it easier to start sewing? Add on a 10.5" x 10.5" piece of linen cotton fabric with the color pattern printed on it. You'll still get the PDF pattern with the stitch guide and instructions.**
$ 6.00