National Parks Embroidery Pattern Pack 2

National Parks Embroidery Pattern Pack 2
If you like complete creative freedom, you'll love these National Parks PDF patterns. The National Parks Pack 2 contains designs for the much-loved Crater Lake, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountains parks. If you love hiking, camping, and exploring the incredible beauty of our country, you can now commemorate your favorite park or summer trip in your next embroidery project.
You can print out the pattern and transfer it to the fabric of your choice by tracing with a sunny window, tracing with carbon paper, or transferring with a transfer pen and a hot iron. Not completely sure how to do that? Don't worry, the PDF comes with directions. Once the design is on your fabric, you simply stitch over the lines.
Your National Parks PDF pattern pack 2 includes:
  • A picture of each finished piece
  • 3 stitch guides
  • 3 easy-to-trace patterns
  • 3 reversed iron-on transfer patterns
Each design fits nicely in a 5" embroidery hoop. 
These designs are great for beginners because they all use only the two simplest embroidery stitches (the running stitch and the back stitch), which mean these are great designs to stitch up while your way to your favorite park.
Your PDF pattern pack will arrive in your inbox immediately after purchase and you can then print them out and start sewing! 
**Want to make it easier to start sewing? Add on three 7.5" x 7.5" pieces of linen cotton fabric with the color patterns printed on them. You'll still get the PDF pattern with the stitch guide and instructions.**
$ 6.00