Coming Home Iron-On Transfer Pattern

Coming Home Iron-On Transfer Pattern
When I was little, one of my favorite books was, Imogene's Antlers. Imogene woke up one morning to discover she had deer antlers! Her mother fainted, she had to miss school, and the doctor didn't know what to do with her. But her brother used her antlers as candle holders and the maids hung laundry out to dry on them. The next morning she woke up and they were gone! But she had grown a peacock tail instead.
While newbie crafters enjoy the comfort of a kit, experienced stitchers love the versatility and freedom of iron-on patterns. They can be ironed onto most fabric and can be transferred multiple times with a hot iron.
Your iron-on transfer pattern comes with:
  • Iron-on transfer pattern
  • Color stitch guide
  • Simple sewing instructions
This design fits nicely in an 8" embroidery hoop.
This design uses the three simplest embroidery stitches (the running stitch, the split stitch, and the back stitch), which makes it great for beginners. It's like a paint-by-number with thread!  
Your iron-on pattern and stitch guide come sealed in a zip-top bag and ship in a Kraft envelope.
$ 6.00