Valentine Freebie

Valentine's Day is coming up and that means we have to be prepared to eat half our weight in chocolates and give out lots of cards. I've been training for the chocolate consumption since Christmas so I'm good to go there but I wanted to help you with your cards by making one you can print. Maybe you'll give it to your spouse, or your cat, or even the mailman. No matter who you give it to though, know that you're making the world a better place by spreading love. Goodness knows we need that right now. You can download the card here.

A True Valentine's Day Story:
When I was in grade school, we had to make Valentine's boxes each year. We'd bring them to school on Valentine's Day and set them on our desks. Throughout the school day, we'd walk around and distribute our cards into each others' boxes. One year I made this incredibly cool cat box. Yes, it was so cool that my mother even took a picture of it. I took a cereal box and made it into a box-shaped cat, gluing little ears on top and drawing a face on the front. Then I cut a little opening in the front side of the box to make a hinged mouth. I thought it was genius. If I'd been a 'cool kid,' I'm pretty sure that cat would have filled up with cards. But even at that young age I knew that being weird and making things like cat boxes that ate Valentines was way more fun than being 'cool'. I'm sure you understand.

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