The Winners of the Party Poll

July 01, 2016 Megan Eckman

My partner and I are back in town after a whirlwind vacation and wedding with lots of family. I'll share pictures when I have them (promise!) but for now I've jumped right back into work to get this new series ready for you.

My test fabric just arrived so now I can finally share with you which designs won the poll.

By a large margin, the cupcake parakeet sweet-talked you into choosing him.

The Hawaiian rabbit came in second. Many of you were swayed by the cocktail umbrella, I'm sure.

The party-crashing mouse took third but he promises those are sprinkles on the cake and not something else.

This week I'll be busy stitching up these tests to see how they look. (I'll also be stitching up the unicorn pinata just for myself because it makes me smile a lot.) If you follow me on Instagram, you'll doubtless see these in progress over the next few days.

All three of the party kits will be celebrating their arrival to the shop on July 20th. I have an amazing photo shoot planned for them that includes baking cupcakes and buying taffy. Oh, the terrible things I have to do for you. Haha.

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