Some Important Shipping Dates

The USPS runs on magic. How else could so many packages arrive at their correct destinations after traveling hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles? As you may know, magic attracts like-natured creatures and this, obviously, is the explanation for lost mail: it was eaten by a kelpie (On a side note, if you ever inform a postal worker that your mail was 'eaten,' they will look at you oddly.)

In order to prevent any of your packages from going astray, either by good or ill magic, please purchase your kits from my shop by the dates below to ensure that your family doesn't think you a grinch or bad-luck penny.

  • For international orders, please order by December 8th.
  • For domestic, US orders via USPS first-class mail, please order by December 18th.
  • For domestic, US orders via USPS Priority, please order by December 20th.

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