Cool Travel Accessories for Embroidery

October 09, 2016 Megan Eckman

I used to have a hard time taking embroidery projects traveling with me. I ended up with a bunch of zip-top bags with different supplies and then I had to hunt through each one to find just the right thread (which was usually pretty tangled). Then, I made a small investment and added some travel specific accessories to my kit and it made traveling with my embroidery projects so much easier and more pleasurable. Now I travel nice and organized and can focus on my project instead of talking to that weird guy usually seated next to me on long flights.

Colorful Tiny Scissors

I found these tiny little scissors and they are perfect for my travel kit. They snip floss cleanly and look so cute. You won’t be doing any major cutting but for a few simple snips, they rock because they cut clean and can fit in any travel pouch without taking up unnecessary room. They even come in different colors. How great is that?

Small Travel Pouch

This small travel pouch is just the right size for smaller projects or short trips. It has plenty of space for small items like a five inch hoop, scissors, needle case, and thread. It has a nice zippered top to keep everything inside and a simple, one-compartment design to make it easy to find what you are looking for. The best part is how great this pouch looks. I love to take this to my favorite coffee shop to just relax and stitch.

Vintage Needle Case

A good needle case is essential. It will keep you from losing needles, or poking yourself when you dig through your bag. This DMC vintage case looks, well, vintagey, like you would find it an antique shop. It is made of pewter and has a ring to attach it to your project or bag. That way you don’t lose your whole needle supply at once.

Travel Bag

Sometimes you want to take a larger project or multiple projects. That’s when I reach for the Stitchbow travel bag. It has ample space for projects, nice carry handles, and a stylish pattern on the outside. The inside of the bag has clear compartments and pockets, which lets you see where your supplies are organized. It even has a binder system that can hold 15 skeins per page.  

I take this kit with me for long car rides, sitting at the beach, or a rainy day on a camping trip. I can fit plenty of thread, a hoop or two, and several pieces of fabric that way I don’t run out of projects before the trip ends.

If you've been deliberating over a better way to travel with your embroidery projects, hopefully my list helps give you some ideas!

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