Come join me at Craftcation 2017!

Last year I did something absolutely terrifying : I attended a craft conference solo! I'm a total introvert so traveling through LAX and meeting hundreds of new people for 4 whole days was enough to induce a panic attack. But I really wanted to go and immerse myself in new crafts and great business classes. So I flew off to Ventura, California, and, you know what, I had the time of my life!

I've never had so much fun or felt so connected to a group of strangers. I'm not much of a crafter (it's true) but I had a blast learning new skills in the DIY workshops. I also left each business course feeling so empowered about my business and eager to improve a ton of things to make my customers' experience the best it can be.

Registration for Craftcation 2017 just opened and I'm delighted to say I'm not only attending next year but I'll be speaking on a panel! I'll be sharing some tips and answering questions on how to add kits and subscription packages to your line. Woohoo! Next year there are over 80 craft workshops and business classes to attend. The hardest part is choosing which ones! From learning to sew a dress to discovering the best wholesale tactics, there's something for everyone.

If you've been wanting to a crafting vacation or get help on improving your business, I can't recommend this conference enough. 

Find out all about Craftcation 2017 HERE! I'll be seeing you in Ventura, CA, in April if you go!

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