Crafting Inspiration: 3


Image via One Sheepish Girl

I use embroidery hoops for all of my kits but they can be used for so much more than holding fabric. This week I wanted to share with you three fun crafting projects that use wooden embroidery hoops. Did you know you can:

Screenprint with a hoop? I have personally tried this years ago and it worked surprisingly well. You can use the hoop and a pair of panty hose to screenprint just about anything. All of the directions can be found at Calico Skies.

Display your brooches? If you stretch some fun fabric in the hoop, you can use it as a means to display your brooches on your wall. You can easily get them back out when you want to wear them but this way they can make you smile every day. See how one woman is displaying hers at One Sheepish Girl.

Weave? Yes, that's right. You can actually use the hoop as the base for a simple loom. This looks like a great project for kids on a snow day. The end result isn't that big but it can certainly be a great piece of artwork. You can find all of the instructions over at Living Crafts Blog.

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