Want to sew a Shetland in a sweater? Now you can!

November 03, 2015 Megan Eckman

When we debuted our stuffed animal kits at the summer fairs, we asked shoppers what other animals they would like to sew. While the answers ranged from the predictable (my dog) to the outlandish (an axolotl), we did get some great ideas. When we got home, I hunkered down in the studio and designed these three new stuffed animal kits.

This tall giraffe loves to look around corners and over high desks to see what you're doing. It's easily the cutest giraffe you'll ever meet. Since there's nothing to embroider, she makes a good kit for those who feel more comfortable with their sewing machine than their fingers.

The black sheep, on the other hand, sports 'woolly' circles stitched with the split stitch. He's wonderful to touch because of it and if your family is missing a black sheep, now you can have one.

The last animal we created is this adorable Shetland in a sweater. Yes, you read that right. This stumpy guy comes with a sweater that you get to embroider. Could he be any cuter?

You can find these new stuffed animal kits and the other three in the shop!

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