5 Fun Ways to Use Leftover Thread

January 26, 2018 Megan Eckman

Once you start embroidery, you inevitably attract embroidery thread to you like one of those rare earth magnets. Friends give it to you, it jumps into your cart at the craft store because, "Oooh! Blue!" and you always have some left over after a project.

Now, it's all fine and dandy to hold onto it for other embroidery designs but if you're like me and your thread is starting to feel like the monster in The Blob, then it's time to get proactive. 

I found 5 fun ways to use leftover thread:

  1. Make a gigantic thread necklace. This tutorial uses a slightly different type of thread but I say go for it and use up all your leftovers in one fell swoop.
  2. Relive your pre-teen years and make some friendship bracelets. Or pay it forward and donate your thread to the Girl Scouts. I distinctly remember making all sorts of friendship bracelets there.
  3. Make some string art. Only do this if you own your walls or if you have a piece of wood to use. I'm not responsible for upset landladies.
  4. Jazz up your closet. You'll have the fanciest hangers around, and they're now non-slip, after you wrap them with thread.
  5. Make tassels. When all else fails, just make tassels. A cat somewhere will love you.
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