Want to learn embroidery my way?

October 20, 2015 Megan Eckman

Artists, as a rule, break the rules. Like many people, I was taught embroidery by my grandmother when I was little. It helped pass rainy days at the lake. She taught me the way her mother had taught her. We ironed patterns onto sweaters and pillowcases, made French knots (well, I attempted), and made the back of our work (okay, just her work) as beautiful as the front.

But I'm not my grandmother. I don't have her skills or patience or even the desire to learn a dozen fancy stitches and make floral-covered pillowcases. I'm betting you feel the same way.

That's why all of the embroidery designs I create are playful and easy to stitch. I like to stick to the very basics and see just how creative I can get. I threw out the rule book when it comes to 'proper' stitching etiquette. With my embroidery you can jump around, make rats' nests (though I don't encourage it as it is still frustrating, even when you do intend them), and have fun! 

If you want to learn MY type of embroidery, you'll be happy to know a starter kit will be in the shop next week! It includes everything you need to get started, including a little stitch guide booklet. 

Already know how to stitch like a pro? The starter kit could finally help you convert your non-crafty friends into people who have bins of embroidery floss in their closets.

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