Multnomah Falls Joins the West Coast Kit series

September 05, 2015 Megan Eckman

Where I grew up, a waterfall was something you'd have to drive hours and hours to see. Now that I'm in the Pacific Northwest, you can hop in the car and see one every 10 minutes, especially in the early spring. Since waterfalls are so well-loved here, I couldn't help but turn the most famous one into a kit.

I'm pleased to say you can now stitch up Multnomah Falls! I take everyone who comes to visit out to see this magnificent landmark because it not only has a gorgeous stone bridge near the base but you can hike to the top and look over. People do the climb all year round with their dogs (walking the larger ones and carrying their chihuahuas) and the lodge at the base sells ice cream or hot roasted nuts depending on the temperature (though honestly I would eat ice cream all year round).

The Multnomah Falls kit joins many other West Coast kits. If you want to stitch up more local landmarks, you can find them all in the shop.

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