Friday Fun - Week 26

This week's list of Friday Fun centers around my favorite adhesive: glue! I've been a fan of glue ever since I was in elementary school and made a few quarters on a bet to eat Elmer's. I don't recommend eating it; it tastes disgusting. Nowadays I'm more of a rice paste or Mod Podge person and all of these fun crafting projects really let you have fun with the sticky stuff.
  • Marvelous Shoe Makeover - Scuffed up your best pumps? Try a little decoupage to brighten them up.
  • Fabric Lined Drawers with Mod Podge - Don't settle for boring contact paper in your drawers. Pick out your favorite calico and whip out your Mod Podge!
  • Tissue Paper Watercolor Mug - In case you needed an excuse to get new mugs, this is the perfect project! Plus, you get to buy the cheap white ones and decorate them however you like with just a bit of glue and tissue paper.

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