Why I Love the WC

February 19, 2015 Megan Eckman

There’s something extra special about embroidering a place you know and love. I grew up in a state that doesn’t inspire much local pride. Heck, if it wasn’t for the movie, Fargo, no one would have remembered North Dakota was one of the fifty states. However, I’ve spent the last four years living up and down the West Coast and there is no lack of pride here. Locals are so fiercely proud of not only their states but their cities that I was inspired to create a whole series of West Coast embroidery designs.

I DO wish I had that much pride about the place where I grew up but I can now pick up a little bit in my new home. I must admit, I do love living near both forests AND the sea. And even though I can't drink coffee, I do enjoy the environment of a coffee shop, which is good as there are two on every corner here. But what I love most about the West Coast? No blizzards!

Blizzards aside, all of my favorite landmarks and wildlife made it into my first digital pattern book, aptly named West Coast Love. The book lands in my shop Monday so get ready to stitch 20 fun designs that show off your local pride.  

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