Friday Fun Week 16

There's no better day to celebrate unusual, fanciful, and downright interesting things than a Friday. Every Friday here you can find a list of articles and artwork that will make you smile and also give you something fun to talk about this weekend at a party.
Supplies for DIY Beginners If you've just recently gotten the itch to do a bit of DIY, Mashable has compiled a list of supplies that will have you sharing your projects on Pinterest in no time.
Biz Ladies Profile: Darcy Allan of Tea with Gladys - Want to read an inspiring interview today? Look no further than this chat where Darcy shares her business journey after finding herself without a job and not wishing to work for someone else again.
How to Use Freezer Paper to Sew Detailed Softie Patterns - If you have been getting the itch to make your own stuffed animal designs after seeing my new line, there's a great trick that While She Naps just shared that involves
using freezer paper.

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