Embrace Your Sewing Machine

April 20, 2015 Megan Eckman

When I was little, the sewing machine was only pulled out to hem pants. It was a utilitarian machine that, like the laundry machine, was to be avoided at all costs. Once I even contemplated crazy gluing my pant hems instead of dragging out the sewing machine from its dusty corner in the basement.

Now that I've worked my way through a new line of stuffed animal kits though, I realize how much fun sewing can be. You can create anything! (Even a whale, llama, and a scrub jay.)

Whether you have been sewing for years or have been avoiding your sewing machine for years, these stuffed animal kits will give you an hour or two of creative fun. They come in 3 levels so there's a kit for everyone.

Go check out the new kits and give yourself a weekend of crafting!

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