Want to know my secret?

I'm not a crafter.

There, I said it. Now you know my deep, dark secret. 

When I first started Studio MME, I was terrified you would find that out. Now, I'm embracing my secret because it's what makes my kits awesome.

When I asked you last week why you embroider in this modern age, I received many eloquent responses. Honestly, some of you wrote me essays and that absolutely floored me! I felt so envious of your responses in a way. Some of you mentioned how you were anxiously waiting to teach children or grandchildren how to sew so you could all do it together. Others admitted that embroidery helps turn any time spent waiting (say for a doctor visit or DMV appointment) into good time. What really struck me as fascinating though was that almost all of you said that you embroider because it allows you to calm down after a stressful day.

For me, embroidery is anything but relaxing. I have the innate talent to turn every stitch into a knot, the tendency to poke myself (although I always make sure to bleed on something other than my project), and I get distracted easily so it takes me weeks or months to finish what should only take a day to complete.

As I said earlier, at heart I am not a crafter. (You can ask my father where his Pocahontas cross-stitch is that I started when I was 13 and promised to give to him when I was done. Hint: it's not finished.) However, I've taken what frustrates me about embroidery and adjusted my kits to eliminate these things for you. Knots a problem? Use easy stitches. Never finishing? Make the designs simple to stitch so they only take four or five hours at the most. Bleeding on your work? Well, I can't solve them all I guess.

So, you see while crafting is anything but relaxing for me, I know that's why you love it. You appreciate how it calms you down and lets your mind wander. You love the attachment you feel to the past and you live for the smiles you get when you gift your work to a family member or friend. I have the same feeling when it comes to painting so I get it.

I'm so thankful that you shared your reasons for embroidering in this modern age with me because it answered so many questions this self-proclaimed non-crafty person had. It also gave me lots of insight into how to keep my kits a relaxing project for you. 

P.S. Next week I'll finally be sharing a peek at my upcoming line of designs and I'd love if you cast your vote on which ones become kits!

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