View From the Studio

Want to shop our kits in person? There's a shop for that.

January 15, 2017 Megan Eckman

Early on when I started Studio MME, I knew that I wanted my kits to reach as many people as possible. I wanted to spread these little bags of relaxation, creativity, and play with the whole country if not the whole world. Now, six years later, I'm thrilled to say that you can find my kits in almost half of the states in the US.

Want to know what amazing things you get to create this year?

January 11, 2017 Megan Eckman

I know you're itching to get stitching some fantastic things for 2017 so I wanted to give you a little peek into what's coming out this year.

How-To: Embroidered Zipper Pouch

January 04, 2017 Megan Eckman

This year I want to teach you some fun things you can do with your finished embroidery so every month there will be a Crafting with Megan post where I showcase a new way to use your embroidery. Now, these won't be step-by-step posts. There exist such things as Youtube and Martha Stewart for that. These posts are instead more of a loose guide and a way for you to get a good laugh monthly.

To start off the new year, in this Crafting with Megan post I'm showing you how to turn your finished embroidery into a zippered pouch. I used the January pattern for the Super Stitchers' Club but you can use any design you like.

Happy holidays from Studio MME!

December 21, 2016 Megan Eckman

The holiday fairs are over, the packages have been mailed, and now the Studio MME team is celebrating the season with some much-needed TLC.

After the holidays, the shop will be opening again because it's never too late to get yourself a little gift. I know some boyfriends and husbands don't take hints well. (My father once gave my mother a hand-mixer when I'm pretty sure she was just hinting that she wanted him to make brownies more often.) So never fear if you don't find a Studio MME embroidery kit under your tree; I'll be here for you.

We're in Portland today at Crafty Wonderland!

December 10, 2016 Megan Eckman

This weekend I'll be vending at the amazing Crafty Wonderland show in Portland. If you live in the area, stop by Saturday or Sunday at the Oregon Convention Center. There will be over 300 vendors and a crafting area where you can create your own canvas, zippered pouch.