View From the Studio

Why I love iron-on embroidery transfer patterns

September 25, 2016 Megan Eckman

When I was little, my grandmother taught me how to embroider with transfers like these. She'd iron the papers onto pillowcases and zip up sweaters while I tried to look over the top of her ironing board to watch the magic. After she had ironed the design, she'd carefully fold up the pattern and put it back into her little box of them. She's always been so careful with her craft supplies so she can use them as many times as possible.

A big question only you can answer.

September 21, 2016 Megan Eckman

I started Studio MME six years ago with the belief that I was on a mission to help people spark their creativity. That turned out to be, well, a bit vague. Over the years, I've gotten more clear on what my work lets you do (relax!), embraced my style, and become more honest with myself about the BIG reason why I'm in this business. (When I started, I was only in this business to pay my rent and keep my husband and I fed.)

But there's one thing I haven't been able to hone in on yet because it's something only you know the answer to and I've been too shy to ask.

Studio MME fans are the best!

September 18, 2016 Megan Eckman

My partner and I put our feet up this past Labor Day weekend after packing up the new designs for the Super Stitchers' Club. We filled our living room with Welcome! pineapples and floral bouquet patterns. Then we did checks and double-checks to ensure everything went off to the right club member. I have never filled that many sorting bins or been so happy to have an empty living room!

My favorite mobile apps for designing color palettes

September 14, 2016 Megan Eckman

Last week I let you in on the secret that I struggle with color confidence. My inability to easily pick good color combinations may be why I love black and white ink illustration and silent movies.Don’t get me wrong, I love color too but it comes as more of a struggle. Fortunately, I have found some fun apps that help me confidently nail color palettes.

A Peek at Some Custom Skeletons

September 11, 2016 Megan Eckman

I've always had a fascination with skeletons and Victorian curiosity cabinets. Those velvet-lined glass cases and little, yellowed identification tags give me the shivers of excitement. That's why I was thrilled to work with Paxton Gate in San Francisco to design two custom kits for their customers.