Day #7 marks my first big author, photographer, blogger and all around cool lady portrait.  Susannah Conway helps creatives get in touch with their true potential.  She wanted her SX-70 camera included in her portrait.   Personally, I loved sketching her striped shirt.  Susannah, I hope you love it!

Day 7 - Susannah

Want to participate in the 365 Portrait Challenge?  Send your photo to  Solo photos work the best and the bigger your head, the better.  Know a big blogger, artist, or all around cool person who’d like to join in?  Spread the word!


9 Responses to Day #7 – Susannah Conway

  1. You totally rocked it! Thanks, Megan :) xx

  2. Katie says:

    Love this black and white portrait and what a great idea for a project! Katie. X

  3. Megan this is awesome! I would love to be drawn! :)

  4. Juli says:

    Wow! Beautiful portrait! And, what an amazing project! Mmmm, I have a few people in mind who might be perfect subjects! Will spread the word!

  5. Anne Jutras says:

    Simply gorgeous! This is a special project, love the idea! Can I be drawn too?

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